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I compiled both basic and static wallets successfully, but I am getting this error from both.Lets rename it from photon-master (right click on folder rename) to photon.Ask Question. you need to build Qt manually 64 bit version. qt-win-opensource-4.8.4-vs2010.exe only 32 bit.If your answer or issue is not covered there post in the forum below and I will try to help you out.Qt Creator - A cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) tailored to the needs of Qt developers.

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Now download the Qt SDK and install it. qt-win-opensource-4.7.4-mingw.exe wine qt-win-opensource-4.7.4.Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file qt-win-opensource-4.8.5-mingw.exe (SHA-1 93a086911f2848caae13aea9741c9c4c83d3ba19).Qt Bitcoin Trader Supported Exchanges: OkCoin, Bitfinex, BTC-e, Bitstamp, goc.io, Indacoin, BTCChina, Bitmarket.pl.If you choose to install the MinGW compiler, there may be a small delay between the completion of the MinGW installation and the start of the Qt installation.

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Execute the configure tool with your preferred options to build the Qt library and the tools supplied with it.

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I deleted the whole appdata folder and run again, but the same problem.

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Extra features to compile wallets and Possible errors and how to correct them. 1) I did not invent this process.Just because you compiled it yourself does not mean you are safe from malware.Code - Step by Step Instructions. qt-win-opensource-4.8.5-mingw.exe Download.

This appendix explains how to obtain and install a GPL edition of Qt onto your system.Jump to: navigation, search. Download qt-win-opensource-src-4.2.3.zip from Trolltech.

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Free download opensource qt install Files at Software Informer.Download the open source version of Qt from TrollTech (you want the version qt-win-opensource-src-4.4.3.zip).

If it is something simple like an icon use an icon from another coin and place it where the missing icon or splash screen file is supossed to be.

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It will extract all of the files into a sub-directory called qt-win-opensource-src-4.1.0. Download the latest patch file used to modify the open source version of Qt.

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Download the qt-win-opensource-4 1 3-mingw Torrent or choose other qt-win-opensource-4 1 3-mingw torrent downloads.Section i - Preparing your build system I will list all the tools first and how to install them.Using 7z open it and extract the folder inside called photon-master to our c drive.

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I have built over 100 different coin wallets so the directions are good but cannot make up for trying to compile source code of a coin that is missing files. i.e. you go to compile the wallet and it says yourcoin\src\qt\res\icons bitcoin.ico does not exist You may be trying to compile source code that is missing things - many coins are.

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If your shell is bash, ksh, zsh, or sh, add the following two lines to your.profile file.If you used -prefix with configure, use the path you specified instead of the default path shown here.Free Download Qt Creator 4.4.0 - An IDE that helps developers create applications for desktop and mobile device platforms, while offering support fo.It will create a folder on your c: (root) windows drive called Mingw. 5)Install Mingw gcc.This will create the library and compile all the demos, examples, and tools.

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A few coins like maxcoin need additional items installed. (thanks to Tranz and Bluedragon747 for this tip) If you see -crypto in the.pro file install it and using 7z extract it to your deps folder.

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